John Mack - Newtown Supervisor


Year 2018

Day 12:Summary of August 22, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 14:August 2018 Police Report
Day 19:Newtown Township to Consider Amending Noise Ordinance
Day 20:Toll Brothers Twining Bridge Road Proposal
Day 27:Board of Supervisors Decimates Noise Ordinance
Day 29:A Month in the Life of a Newtown Supervisor: Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings!


Day 01:National Drug Take Back Day Was a Success
Day 04:"Pot vs Pills": Dr. Sanjay Gupta Special Report
Day 08:I Support Steve Bacher for Congress
Day 10:Summary of April 16, 2018 BOS Work Session
Day 10:Newtown Board of Supervisors Shoots Down Drive-thru Starbucks
Day 11:Supervisors Pass PA Congressional Redistricting Resolution
Day 11:Summary of April 25, 2018 BOS Public Meeting
Day 15:Developer and Attorney Present Their Case for a WaWa Superstore on the Newtown Bypass
Day 17:Residents Present Their Case For and Against a Super WaWa on the Bypass
Day 20:2018 Primary Results for Newtown
Day 22:Elcon Toxic Waste Incinerator: Déjà vu All Over Again
Day 25:Improving Communications Between Newtown Township and Residents
Day 30:Got Potholes, Broken Street Light, Dead Deer on Road? Who You Gonna Call?
Day 31:Yardley Boro to Consider “Gun Safety” Resolution


Day 03:Meet the 8 Applicants Vying to Fill the Vacancy on the Newtown Board of Supervisors
Day 09:They Took All the Trees & Put Up a Parking Lot!
Day 16:2018 Road Paving Schedule
Day 18:Updated Wawa Plan Presented to Newtown Planning Commission
Day 19:Summary of June 18, 2018, Board of Supervisors Work Session
Day 19:Summary of June 18, 2018, Board of Supervisors Work Session
Day 20:Governor Wolf Responds to Newtown Township's Gun Safety Resolution
Day 20:Summary of June 27, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 24:The Hoagies of Newtown vs. Wawa
Day 27:June 2018 Police Report
Day 27:Summary of July 11, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 30:Dennis Fisher Appointed to Replace Jen Dix on Board of Supervisors
Day 30:Newtown Borough Council Proposes Addition of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Use to Zoning Ordinance


Day 02:Super Wawa Survey Comments
Day 07:Newtown Township Employee Salaries & Wages
Day 15:Dix to Resign, Board Must Fill Vacancy by July 30
Day 16:Summary of May 9, 2018 BOS Public Meeting
Day 16:Summary of May 9, 2018 BOS Public Meeting
Day 16:Summary of May 23, 2018 BOS Public Meeting
Day 19:May 2018 Police Report
Day 20:Summary of June 13, 2018, Meeting of the Newtown Board of Supervisors
Day 26:The Annual NFA BBQ Picnic Was a Great Success!
Day 29:Drive-thru Starbucks is Back on Track!


Day 02:The Reorganization of Newtown Township's Leadership
Day 03:John Mack’s Welcome Speech
Day 04:Survey of Winning Candidates - Top Level Results
Day 05:Broadcasts of Newtown Board of Supervisors Meetings
Day 07:I Attend Steve Bacher's Campaign Launch in Newtown
Day 11:Newtown's "Volatile" Sources of Revenue
Day 12:Police Chief Speaks About His 24/7 Drug Drop-Off Program
Day 25:Rally for Democrats 2018
Day 27:Volunteer to Serve on the Newtown Finance Committee
Day 30:Newtown Ambulance Squad Will Comply Fully with Health Disaster Emergency
Day 31:Alcohol Related Crimes Increased Dramatically In Newtown in 2017 vs 2016


Day 01:John Mack’s Supervisor Report for October 2018
Day 13:Does Newtown Need a Mobile-Enabled Emergency Notification System?
Day 15:Arcadia Green PRD Three Peat: Denied Again!
Day 16:Summary of October 24, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 18:Northampton Resolution is a Setback for Newtown Ambulance
Day 18:The Top Ten Blog & Video PageViews for October 2018
Day 19:Three New JMZO Ordinances Up for a Vote by Newtown Supervisors
Day 20:October 2018 Newtown Police Calls Report
Day 20:Newtown Supervisors to Vote on Anti-Discrimination Ordinance


Day 09:Summary of July 27, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 10:July 2018 Police Report
Day 11:Summary of August 8, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 14:Summary of Aug 13, 2018, BOS Work Session
Day 16:Tree Replacement Plan for the Village of Newtown Shopping Center Along Durham Road
Day 27:Is a DAS Antenna Coming to a Pole Near You?
Day 27:Newtown Township, Upper Makefield, and Wrightstown to Consider Deleting Planned Residential Development from the Newtown Area JMZO


Day 01:Supervisors Weigh in on Tax Increase
Day 07:If You Believe Gerry Couch, I Have a Bridge to Sell You!
Day 07:Yardley Borough Passes Local Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, But...
Day 10:Soul Food at the Newtown Macedonia Baptist Church
Day 14:Be on Look Out for the Spotted Lanternfly!
Day 15:January 2018 Police Report
Day 15:Newtown Artesian Water Company's Response to Cyanide Dumping Issue
Day 23:Newtown Township Board of Supervisors Approves Nina's Waffles
Day 28:Newtown Township Traffic Impact Fee Advisory Committee


Day 01:How Well Do You Know Your Rights to View Public Documents?
Day 01:Summary of February 14, 2018 BOS Meeting
Day 15:Frost Lane Traffic Study
Day 17:The Noisy, Motley, Polite 8th Annual Newtown Irish Festival!
Day 19:Summary of February 28, 2018 BOS Meeting
Day 20:Faulty Bids Cause Delay in 2018 Road Improvement Program
Day 29:Newtown Township Supports a Complete & Permanent Ban on Fracking and Related Activities
Day 29:Summary of March 14, 2018 BOS Meeting


Day 01:BOS Approves Publication of Preliminary 2018 Budget
Day 02:Summary of November 14, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 03:John Mack’s Supervisor Report for November 2018
Day 06:Volunteers Needed for the NEW Newtown Township Human Relations Commission


Day 05:Steve Bacher Supports Teachers, Not Guns
Day 10:April 9-13, 2018 is "Local Government Week"
Day 12:Summary of March 28, 2018 BOS Meeting
Day 16:Democratic Candidates for U.S. Congress District 1 to Speak on Opioid Epidemic
Day 19:How Effective is the "Push Out the Pusher" Program?
Day 28:Summary of April 11, 2018 BOS Meeting
Day 30:Report from the Together We Can Convention


Day 01:How's the Newtown Township Financial Garden Doing?
Day 05:Summary of September 12, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 08:Glossary of Municipal Terms
Day 11:My BOS Meeting Survival Kit
Day 12:September 2018 Newtown Police Calls Report
Day 12:Summary of September 26, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 16:A Scary Preliminary 2019 Budget, But at Least It Calls for More Roads to be Repaved
Day 19:The Newtown Township Planning Commission Stymies Path Forward for Wawa - For Now
Day 22:Trends in Newtown’s “Volatile” Earned Income and Property Transfer Taxes
Day 25:Summary of October 10, 2018, BOS Public Meeting
Day 27:$1.6 Million Available for Traffic Improvements BUT It Can't Be Spent!
Day 29:What's Next for Ordinance Amendment to Allow Wawa on Newtown Bypass?... It's Complicated!


Year 2017

Day 14:Delaware River Basin Commission Proposes to Allow Fracking Wastewater Disposal
Day 21:Turning Grief Into Action
Day 25:How Well Off Are We in Newtown?
Day 27:Showing Respect for Victims of Addiction
Day 29:I’m a Newtown Man


Day 20:Why I Marched for Science
Day 20:Attacking the Root of the Opioid Crisis - Pharmaceutical Companies
Day 21:Feedback from Newtown Residents on the Issues
Day 22:My Wife and I Met Governor Tom Wolf
Day 22:The Newtown Township Hatfields Versus the Borough McCoys!
Day 29:Bucks County DA Matthew Weintraub Speaks About Opioid Epidemic Task Force


Day 31:Alcohol Related Crimes Increased Dramatically In Newtown in 2017 vs 2016


Day 08:Mack Clobbers Couch!
Day 09:Arcadia Green Development Hearings, Part 1
Day 18:Support the Newtown Ambulance Squad


Day 07:Pennsylvania Underestimates Death Due to Opioids by More Than Half!
Day 11:John Mack Proposes 24/7 Drug Drop-Off Box for Newtown
Day 16:PA Calls for Review of PFOA in Water
Day 28:Elect a Scientist!
Day 28:Pennsylvania's Treasurer Says Big Pharma Must be Held Accountable for Its Role in Opioid Crisis
Day 31:In Observance of International Overdose Day


Day 01:BOS Approves Publication of Preliminary 2018 Budget
Day 11:Newtown Speaks Out on the Issues
Day 12:The 2017 Newtown Holiday Parade
Day 14:Newtown Ambulance Squad Seeks Additional Funding
Day 17:Newtown Has a 24/7 Drug Drop Box - Sort Of
Day 18:No New Tax Hike Does Not Indicate a Stable Local Economy
Day 26:The Other Cost of the Opioid Epidemic: Increased Taxes
Day 28:Dave Bria Talks About Anti-discrimination Ordinances
Day 29:Ryan Gallagher & Gerry Couch Make Their Farewell Speeches


Day 14:Newtown Crossing vs. Arcadia: Residents Speak Out
Day 16:My Case for a 24/7 Drug Drop-Off Box
Day 19:Protecting Your Online Privacy is an Important Local Issue!
Day 19:Find Me on the Official Ballot
Day 21:Every Vote Counts!
Day 22:Some Bucks Towns Opt for Volunteer Stipends
Day 23:314 Action Endorses Local PA Candidates
Day 24:Is There a Role for Medical Cannabis in Combating the Opioid Epidemic?
Day 30:I Drop Off My Unused Pills


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