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Selected Recent Issues

  • Can Improved Access to Medical Marijuana Help Combat Opioid Addiction? (Apr 13, 2018). Medical Marijuana (MMJ) is not a "magic bullet" that will end the opioid epidemic, but there is evidence that it can help. This article focuses on evidence that MMJ can help decrease the use of addictive opioids and the problem of limitations placed on the access to MMJ in Pennsylvania.

  • To Frack or Not to Frack? That is the Question. (March 22, 2018).At the March 19, 2018, Working Session of the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, the proposed "Oil & Gas Drilling" (i.e., fracking) amendment to the Joint Municipality Zoning Ordinance (JMZO) of Newtown Township, Upper Makefield, and Wrightstown (the "Jointure"). This amendment would allow fracking in the RI Rural Industrial District and QA-A Quarry/Agriculture-A District of Wrightstown. Several courses of action are discussed regarding how best to deal with fracking. What's your opinion?

  • Your Right to Access Town Records & the Town's Right to Hold Developers Accountable (March 4, 2018). Citizens from across the country are now gearing up for this year’s Sunshine Week (March 11-17) to once again spark a nationwide discussion about the critical importance of access to public information. Take the PA Right-to-Know Law Quiz. Meanwhile, Newtown wins settlement against McGrath Developers!

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BOS IconI write about and comment upon decisions made at Board of Supervisors and other public meetings, including Zoning Hearing Board and Advisory Committee meetings. Often articles talk about issues before they are published in the official minutes of meetings. Many articles incudes links to short videos of select discussions.


I often host surveys whenever an important issue comes before the Board of Supervisors, sometimes even before the issue is discussed by the Board. This gives subscribers an opportunity to voice their opinion anonymously about issues. The results are published in the newsletter and shared with the Board of Supervisors and the general public.

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My blog focuses on a range of topics such as water quality, preservation of open space, opioid epidemic, etc. The newsletter provides more in-depth versions of blog posts and includes information that was not available at the time the posts were written. This keeps subscribers up to date on important issues affecting Newtown Township.

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