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Recent Issues

  • Mack, Bobrin and Calabro Clobber the Opposition! (Nov 8, 2017). The unofficial results of Tuesday's election - not including absentee ballots - shows that the Newtown's Voice team - Phil Calabro, John Mack, and Linda Bobrin - "beat the pants off" the opposition!

  • Boo! Newtown GOP's "Fake News" is a Disgraceful Effort to Fool Voters! (Nov 5, 2017). By now you have all probably seen the dark negative mailers from “Newtown First,” the team of Republicans who hope to be elected as Supervisors. There are many lies and distortion of the facts in these mailers. John Mack address the lie about “wasting” taxes.

  • Newtown Artesian Water Company Defends Quality of Its Water (Oct 27, 2017). Upon the request of the Newtown Board of Supervisors, Mr. Dan Angove, Assistant General Manager of Newtown Artesian Water Company, reported on the quality of water and concerns of carcinogens based on a newspaper article published in the August 4, 2017, issue of the Bucks County Courier Times. Mr. Angove discounted an independent study that found 7 carcinogens - including chromium-6 that was featured in the movie "Erin Brockovich" - in Newtown's water.

  • Draft Budget Calls for 2.8 Miles of Newtown Township Roads To Be Repaved in 2018 (Oct 23, 2017). The 2018 Newtown Township draft budget presented to the Board of Supervisors by Manager Kurt Ferguson on October 16, 2017, includes $855,000 for a 2.8 paving program in 2018. In 2017, 5.5 miles of roads were repaved.

  • Newtown Township Manager Proposes a Tax Increase, But Residents May Balk (Oct 20, 2017). Newtown Township Manager Kurt Ferguson presented his recommended 2018 budget to the Board of Supervisors on October 16, 2017. Ferguson noted that the “Township continues to face shortfalls." Also includes an up-dated summarary of an online survey of residents, 52% of whom said keeping taxes low is very important to them.

  • Newtown Ambulance Squad Seeks Additional Funding (Oct 18, 2017). Evan Resnikoff, Chief of Operations, Newtown Ambulance Squad, presented the Squad’s Annual Report at the October 11, 2017 Newtown Township Board of Supervisors meeting.

  • Newtown Crossing vs Arcadia: Truth to Power! (Oct 12, 2017). Residents of Newtown Crossing and neighboring Eagle Ridge crammed into the Public Meeting Room at the Newtown Township Municipal Center on October 11, 2017, to voice their opposition to Arcadia Green’s latest proposal to build 85 single-family homes adjacent to their developments.

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Board of Supervisors Meeting Updates

BOS IconI attend Newtown Board of Supervisors meetings and post live video feeds of select discussions - including my public comments - to my Facebook page. Summaries of these discussions and links to the videos appear in the e-mail newsletter.


Survey IconI intend to host surveys during my campaign and if and when I am elected as a Supervisor. The current survey asks Newtown residents to tell me which issues are most important to them. Take the survey here:

Issues & Solutions

IssuesAs I learn more about the issues of importance to Newtown residents such as water quality, preservation of open space, the opioid epidemic, etc., I will report on these in my newsletter. 



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