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Supervisors are presented with many documents before each Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting. Some of these may involve litigation or other confidential matters but most are public documents. Some – Not All! –  are archived on the official township website.

Instead of going through hoops searching for these documents, you can easily access them via my online Google Docs “DataBank.” I call this the “Mack's DataBank.”

The DataBank also includes many of my personal notes, audio/video recordings of meetings (not available elsewhere) and/or comments from residents submitted to supervisors via email.

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive compilation of township-related documents. I add documents here usually in support of articles and posts that I create on my website, blog, and in my newsletters. I share links to these documents with residents who otherwise cannot find the information.

Partial List of Contents

  • 2021 Budget
    • The approved 2021 budget plus some background documentation
  • 2022 Budget
    • The approved 2022 budget plus some background documentation
  • Arcadia
    • Everything to do with the history of the Arcadia at Newtown development project including resident comments, plans, PennDOT reviews, more…
  • BOS Notes & Minutes
    • Minutes of Board of Supervisors (BOS) meetings (starting with 2021), BOS voting records, my personal notes from selected BOS meeting, more...
  • Brixmor
    • Village at Newtown Shopping Center development agreement, landscaping plan (tree inventory), property brochure, more...
  • Development
    • Various development projects and issues including Delancey Court, Economic Development Committee/LI & OLI Rezoning, weekly codes reports, Newtown Comprehensive Plan, SALDO, etc.
  • EAC
    • News from the Newtown Environmental Advisory Council, SALDO information, Noxious Weeds Ordinance, Single-Use Plastics information, more...
  • Engineer Reports
    • Reports from the Township Engineer about projects under development, MS4 information, etc.
  • Finance
    • Financial information, including Treasurer's Reports, audits, budgeting process, etc.
  • Fire Department
    • Files related to the Newtown Emergency Services Department (ESD, paid firefighters) and the Newtown Fire Association (NFA), including NFA member retention plan, monthly ESD reports, etc.
  • JZC
    • Joint Zoning Council (JZC) meeting documents and ordinances.
  • Litigation
    • Documents related to various legal issues that involve litigation such as the opioid drug settlement.
  • Manager Reports
    • Reports from the Township Manager presented to supervisors before each BOS regular session.
  • Meeting Recordings
    • Audio recordings of important Newtown Committees, Commissions, and Councils.
  • Newtown Bills List
    • Monthly bills/invoices paid to vendors, contractors, suppliers, etc. by the township. These PDF files have been modified to allow copying of text in case you would like to do your own analysis of township spending. For example, you can search all the bills for repairs to streetlights by using the search term "search." This is not possible using the original PDF files found on the township website.
  • Open Government
    • I believe in open government. Consequently, I put documents that support open government in this folder. This includes notes and proposals related to public meetings.
  • Parks & Rec
    • Find in this folder various documents related to Parks and Rec projects such as streambank rehabilitation, etc.
  • Police
    • This folder includes annual and monthly Newtown Township Police reports as well as various incident reports and traffic data.
  • Press Clippings
    • This folder contains clippings of publiched news articles, guest opinions, and editorials about issues that I have championed, including drug addiction, pedestrian safety, overdevelopment, anti-discrimination, noise, etc.
  • Public Safety
    • This folder includes various documents related to pedestrian and traffic safety, Newtown Ambulance, drug addiction, etc.
  • Resolutions
    • This folder includes various resolutions passed by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Tech & Communs
    • This folder includes many Technology & Communications Committee documents, proposals, and presentations having to do mostly with the use of technology in improving communications.
  • Toll Bros
    • This folder contains documents related to Toll Bros developments - especially the Twining Bridge/Durham Rd - development  including plans, resident comments, etc.
  • Wawa
    • Includes documents related to the Wawa project on the Newtown Bypass, including testimony before the NT Zoning Hearing Board.

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