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BlogNewtown Twp Preparing to Help #COVID-19 Impacted Businesses Reopen Safely

Survey Results: Do You Feel Comfortable Sending Your Child to Summer Camp?

Article: Newtown Businesses Struggle to Stay Afloat During COVID-19

Finances: Tough Time Ahead for Newtown Township

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I "scoop" - curate - stories from regional and local news sources and pages of my website that may be of interest to Newtown Township area residents. Each "scoop" is an edited summary and links back to the original source article and related information. Any opinions and/or insights appended to these article summaries are solely those of John Mack and do not represent the opinions of any other person or entity.

Scoops are archived in the following broad categories.

General Interest News

These scoops are summaries of articles and other information sources of general insterest to Newtown Township area residents. CLICK HERE

Board of Supervisors

These scoops include summaries of Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS)  public meetings meetings based on official minutes and/or audio and video recordings. Also included is information about ordinances, resolutions, etc. passed by the BOS. CLICK HERE

Public Health & Safety

These scoops include summaries of articles related to health and safety issues: crime, opioid addiction, water and air quality, other environmental issues, emergency services, traffic, etc. CLICK HERE

Human Relations

This group of scoops is dedicated to promoting the value of diversity and addressing discrimination based on age, race, color, gender, religion, creed, culture, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin and disability.  CLICK HERE


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The opinions expressed here are solely those of John Mack and do not represent the opinions of any other person or entity.
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