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Petition to Board of Supervisors: Say YES To Hybrid Newtown Township Public Meetings. As a Newtown Supervisor, I strongly believe that hybrid meetings will allow more residents to attend meetings and participate in local government. If you agree, I urge you to sign this petition...

Transcript of Wawa Testimony Before ZHB on 7-8-21 (DataBank).

July 21 2021 News of Interest (Newsletter). No Traffic Committee Needed? New Fire Rescue Truck Debut, Bucks Surveying Business Owners, CRT vs. DEI in Schools, More...

Guide to the Newtown Website - Lesson #2 (Video). How to Access Important Financial Information. View the video...

June 2021 Newtown Fire & Emergency Services Report (Blog Post). Of the 111 calls/incidents in June, 2021, 90 (81%) were in Newtown Township and 12 (11%) were in Newtown Borough. How many were actual fires? More...

Newtown Township Versus Wawa: Signage Part Deux (Audio Snippets): Most of the testimony, evidence and cross-examination presented at the hearing concerned the signage. Listen...

28 June 2021Technology & Communications Committee Meeting (Audio). Newtown Township Website Review: Need for Analytics; Hybrid Public Meeting Discussion. Listen to short audio clips from the meeting...

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