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Planning Commission Discusses Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (podcast)These charging stations will be for shared use by hotel guests, the office complex, and any member of the public. Listen...

Press Clippings. This Databank folder contains clippings of news articles, guest opinions, and editorials about issues that I have championed, including drug addiction, pedestrian safety, overdevelopment, anti-discrimination, noise, etc.

January 2022 Issue of Newtown News UpdateSycamore Street Safety Measures Approved. More...

12 January 2022 Board of Supervisors MeetingNorth Sycamore Street Pedestrian Safety, Planning Commission Report, Lower Dolington Road Trail Update, December 2021 Police Report, SAFER Grant Application, More...

10 January 2022 Meet Mack Monday MeetingN Sycamore St pedestrian safety, Arcadia U-Turn PennDOT application reviwed by Planning Commission, More...

How I Spent My Time as Newtown Supervisor in 2021. I averaged about 40 hours per week on official activies, which do NOT include my social networking, surveying and newsletter activities that keep residents engaged and informed. See more details...

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The following pages - not including the home page - were among the top most viewed pages in December 2021, during which there was a total of 2,284 "unique" pageviews:

  1. MEETING SUMMARY: Residents Discuss N Sycamore Street Pedestrian Safety
  2. BLOG: It's Time to Improve Pedestrian Safety on N Sycamore Street!
  3. MEETINGS: Upcoming Public Meetings
  4. RESOURCE: Newtown Area Municipal Glossary
  5. NEWS: Breaking News
  6. AUDIO: 22 November 2021 Meet Mack Monday Meeting Summary
  7. MEETING SUMMARY: 23 November 2021 BOS Meeting Summary
  8. POLICE REPORT: October 2021 Police Report: Deer & Pedestrian Strikes!
  9. VIDEO: Proper Budgeting Process
  10. PETITION: Pedestrian Safety Petition

TOP 10 most viewed pages in 2021 (23,381 unique pageviews):

  1. MEETINGS: Upcoming Public Meetings
  2. NEWS: Newtown News (Scoop.It)
  3. NEWS: Breaking News
  4. NEWS: What’s New
  5. RESIDENT INTERACTIONS: Meet Mack Monday Page
  6. NEWS: Newsletter Page
  7. SURVEY: Selected Currently Available Surveys
  8. MISC: Glossary
  9. SURVEY: Rate Decisions Made By Newtown Supervisors in 2020
  10. MEETING SUMMARY: Summary of the 2022 Budget Presentation

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