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  • “Proposed Arcadia Green Development in Newtown: Some History & Issues You Need to Know About” (Link)
  • “Arcadia Green Newtown Housing Development Again Proposed for Buck Road. Supervisors Prepare for Well-Attended Public Hearing” (Link
  • “Developer Presents Third Plan for Arcadia Green Development in Newtown Township” (Link
  • “Third time not the charm for Arcadia Green development in Newtown Township” (Link)
  • “Arcadia Green Three Peat: Sues Newtown Again!” (Link)
  • “Newtown Township Supervisors Say "No Means No" When It Comes to Arcadia Green III Planned Residential Development” (Link)

Opioid Manufacturer Lawsuit

  • “Attacking the Root of the Opioid Crisis - Pharmaceutical Companies” (Link)
  • “Newtown Township Supervisors Vote to File Civil Lawsuit Against Drug Manufacturers Over Opioid Crisis” (Link)
  • “Big Question in Opioid Suits: How to Divide Any Settlement” (Link)
  • “Pharmaceutical Opioid Settlement Cash Should Be Used to Create Treatment Programs for Addiction Victims, Says Newtown, OH, Police Chief” (Link)
  • “Analysis: Companies with Local Ties Among Top Manufacturers, Distributors of Opioids” (Link)
  • “KVK Tech - Located in Newtown Township - is #7 Among the TOP TEN Biggest Rx Opioid Manufacturers! According to DEA Database” (Link)
  • “Court Case Reveals Further Evidence of Drug Industry's Complicity in Opioid Epidemic. Pill Mills: 3,271 Pill Bottles Per Month Sent to Pharmacy in Florida Town of 2,831” (Link)
  • “PA Sues Purdue Pharma: If They Won’t Negotiate, Then We Must Litigate!” (Link)

Amendment to OR Ordinance (Wawa)

  • “Developer Wants Plumstead to Change Its Zoning to Allow More Gas Pumps to Fit the Business Plan of a Super Wawa - A Lesson for Newtown” (Link)
  • “The Newtown Township Planning Commission Stymies - For Now - Path Forward for Wawa” (Link)
  • “Just as Residents Expected, Plumstead Supervisors in "Closed Door" Discussions to Settle Wawa Dispute!” (Link)
  • “Wawa Land Developer Takes Plumstead to Court to Appeal Decision by Zoning Hearing Board to Refuse Variances” (Link)
  • “Fresh from a Victory in Court Case Against Plumstead, Wawa’s Attorney Convinces the Newtown Planning Commission to Support Amending Zoning Ordinance to Allow Wawa on the Bypass” (Link)
  • “Facing $130,000 in Legal Expenses, Plumstead Chooses to Challenge Wawa Ruling” (Link)
  • “Upper Gwynedd Township Versus Wawa: A Lesson for Newtown Township?” (Link)
  • “Planning Commission Recommends Moving Forward with OR Zoning Amendment, But NOT as Written by Wawa!” (Link)


  • “Parking & Traffic in the Village at Newtown Shopping Center” (Link)
  • “Fidler On Parking in Village at Newtown Shopping Center” (Link)
  • “Newtown Residents Concerned About Trees in Shopping Center” (Link)
  • “What Are Brixmor’s Plans for New Trees Along Durham Road?” (Link)

Taxes & Finances

  • “Newtown Township Will Develop a 5-Year Financial Plan” (Link)
  • “What Can Be Done to Attract New Businesses and New High-Paying Jobs to Newtown Township?” (Link)
  • “Newtown Township Supervisors Approve Final $13M Budget for 2019. Read Their Lips: No New Taxes!” (Link)
  • “2018 Pension Performance Report & Asset Mix Recommendation” (Link)
  • “Andrew Sheaf Answers Questions About DCED's Early Intervention Program” (Link)
  • “Auditor Presents a Summary of the 2017 Audit to Supervisors” (Link)
  • “Financial Issues Faced by Newtown” (Link)
  • Financial Trends Impacting Newtown Township Revenue” (Link)

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