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Planning Commission Recommends Moving Forward with OR Zoning Amendment, But NOT as Written by Wawa!

Video recorded Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at the Newtown Township BOS Public Meeting

Peggy Driscoll, Vice Chair, of the Newtown Township Planning Commission (PC) presented a synopsis of the Commission's recommendation regarding the revised draft amendment to the Office Research (OR Definition) zoning ordinance presented by representatives of Wawa.

Bottom line: The Commission recommended that the Supervisors consider moving forward to amend the JMZO Definition zoning ordinance to add a new use (E‐25, Motor Vehicle Fueling Center), but not as written by Wawa

PC Synopsis of April 2, 2019, Meeting

John VanLuvanee, Esq., made comments regarding the changes he made to the revised ordinance addressing topics that were discussed earlier. Plans of the proposed Wawa were also reviewed. 

Discussion points were regarding changing front yard setbacks from 150ft. to 100ft from the cartway or right‐of‐way; remove the 24‐hour use and let the request be made through the approval process; additional traffic and safety issues; continue with the Township’s ordinance regarding LED lighting; and that signage should be handled through the approval process. 

There was a discussion if this lot could be reconfigured differently to comply with the current setback requirements, however, this would reduce the length of the two‐way driveway and be closer to the PECO easement. Other exchanges were adding sidewalks, increasing the height of the berm to the rear of the property to provide residents better buffering from sight and sound; and architectural features. 

Upon further discussion, it was requested that specifics to lighting guidelines and fuel deliveries be added to the ordinance. Applicant would like the setbacks from the cartway, but the Jointure Definition will have to agree and consider to hear conditions for Conditional Use Definition purposes. 

The Commission recommended that the Supervisors consider this ordinance, not as written, and move forward. 

Traffic Impact Study

The following "Wawa Newtown Bypass & Lower Silver Lake Road TIS" study was prepared by engineers hired by the Wawa developer and was submitted to Newtown Township in August, 2018. The appendices are not included in this copy scanned from the original document, which is  more than 100 pages long.


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