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Some Recent Inquiries & My Responses

The following are samples on comments I have received recently and my responses. One of these may be relevant to you question/comment.

SUBJECT: Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors (see here for background)

INQUIRY: Hi John, I live in Newtown and I want to say how proud I am that Newtown has joined with Bucks County in the lawsuit against the drug companies who make opioids.  In a way you're going after the "drug dealers" and that's where it needs to start.  I have a question.  I noticed in the article on Newtown Patch that some of the things the County is requesting is expansions to prisons.  Wouldn't it better serve those who are addicted to go to treatment facilities as opposed to prisons?  I was wondering if that is being considered. 

MY RESPONSE: Thanks for your comments. I'll have to read the Newtown Patch story you reference regarding prison expansion [read this Intelligencer article summary]. The last thing we need is to incarcerate victims of the opioid epidemic and if Newtown ever gets money from drug companies while I am in office, I will fight to make sure that money is used to support TREATMENT and prevention, not more "law enforcement" efforts that sometimes force victims into prison rather than into treatment.

SUBJECT: Emergency Notification System (read “Emergency Notification System Survey” for background)

INQUIRY: John, Bravo for introducing a valuable tool available to Newtown residents which can only provide benefits to its residents with such a ridiculously low cost! IT amazes me how much Newtown spends on “Trails” which I know of no one using and then has a problem with 5k on the notification system! About 2 weeks ago on a rainy Friday evening. We heard constant “loud explosions” outside, it went on for over an hour. I called the police and reported such, it continued for some time thereafter being stormy outside we discounted fireworks and felt uninformed as to what was going on, a notification system would have provided some degree of comfort for sure!

MY RESPONSE: Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, my motion to add an expenditure of $6,000 to the 2019 budget to cover a 1-year subscription to the Nixle emergency notification system was tabled at last night's BOS meeting. Some supervisors felt they needed more information before voting on the matter.

P.S. The booming you heard that Friday night was do to a fireworks display by KVK Tech at the former Lockheed Martin property celebrating an Indian holiday. The Supervisors themselves were not notified of this until 3 PM that day. I do not know if the Township used its "smoke signal" notification system - email to HOA management companies that are asked to forward messages on to HOA presidents who are expected to somehow forward on to HOA members - to notify citizens. Shameful!

SUBJECT: PFAS in Drinking Water

INQUIRY: ‘Is this really happening?’ Chemicals that tainted water on military bases spreading to other towns in Bucks (article). Something we should be concerned about in Newtown? I'd like to find out if our water is in danger and has been tested, happy holidays by the way!

MY RESPONSE: I'd like to find out also. NT Artesian Water gets some of its water from PA American Yardley water, which recently had a turbidity problem. Also, at least one source for PA American water had PFAS in the range of 6.5-9.3 ppt whereas communities are demanding levels below 5 ppt [see chart below]. In a Report to the NT Board of Supervisors in August, NT Artesian has said it will be conducting tests for PFAS in all its water sources and will report back to the Board when those tests are done [see video here]. Stay tuned.

SUBJECT: Development on the Bypass (see here for background)

INQUIRY: John, I agree with your comments on the U-turns off the bypass [re: Arcadia Green III (see here)].  Developers will always pick the Bypass to get to their new construction.  When we approved of the bypass, we all agreed that it should be prevented from becoming like Route 1 and not be commercial in any way.  That is also why those of us that represent our communities do not like the newly proposed multi pump gas stations that are to be accessed from the Bypass.  Please don't let Newtown turn into anything that will destroy its historic nature.  Thanks for your communications, keep up the good work.

MY RESPONSE: I really appreciate the time you and other residents have taken in response to my newsletter article on this subject and stance on the issues. While others have chosen to remain silent lest they be called to testify and defend their words, I want residents to know exactly where I stand. And input from residents is a very important in my consideration of the issues.

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