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Are you concerned about overdevelopment in Newtown, tax increases, traffic, quality of our roads,  preserving open space or about any issue that has or will come before the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and other township boards and commissions?

Feel free to attend one of my Meet Mack Monday (MMM) events that I host periodically, usually the 2nd Monday of the month before the first BOS meeting (refer to the Event Calendar for specific dates and access to registration form). I will inform you of items coming up for discussion at public meetings you may not be able to attend and that are not televised. I will listen to your concerns and together with other residents and business owners I will try to come up with solutions to problems that make sense for Newtown as a whole.

DISCLAIMER: Meet Mack Monday meetings are not official Newtown Township meetings. The opinions expressed at Meet Mack Monday events are solely those of John Mack and the attendees of the meeting and do not represent the opinions of any other entity.

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Most Recent Meeting: November 22, 2021

Topics for Discussion Included:

  • Traffic and Public Safety
    • At the November 10, 2021, Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, Police Chief Hearn gave some details regarding an October 22, 2021, serious accident involving a pedestrian near the North Sycamore Street/Silo Drive Intersection. Residents on Nextdoor have started a discussion for how to make this area safer for drivers and pedestrians (“Silo Drive & North Sycamore: A Dangerous Intersection”).
    • There must be a way to improve sight visibility for drivers on Silo Drive AND enhance pedestrian safety on N. Sycamore Street. Let's discuss some ideas I can bring forward to the BOS and township.
    • Arcadia Traffic Update: Arcadia’s Highway Occupancy Application #148702. Review of PennDOT Response Letter
    • Meanwhile, what about traffic in the Village of Newtown Shopping Center? Update on traffic study.
Updates on Other Issues:
  • 2022 Budget - The 2022 Preliminary Budget has been "hung," which means it is available to the public. Review BOS discussion at Nov 10 meeting & my recommendations for cuts to spending.
  • Toll Bros Settlement - a new plan has been submitted to the township. This new plan specifies access ONLY via North Drive and does NOT include any access via Municipal Drive. What happens next?
  • Lower Dolington Road Trail Project - What's holding up construction?
  • LED Street Light Feasibility Study

For a summary of the discussions - including audio snippets - see "22 November 2021 Meet Mack Monday Meeting Summary."

Summary and Highlights of the Discussion

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