John Mack - Newtown Supervisor
Notes from the 12 May 2021 BOS Meeting

Storm Drain Stencils, New Uses for LI and OLI Districts, Missing EIT Income, Streambank Rehabilitation, Police Report, More...

The following are my personal notes from this meeting of Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS). The following issues were discussed and/or voted on:

  • Storm Drain Stencils along Sycamore Street
  • Fred Beans Revised Final Plan
  • Review of Permitted Uses in the LI and OLI Zoning Districts
  • Bucks County Tax Collection Committee: Missing EIT Income
  • Clark Nature Center Streambank Rehabilitation project
  • Police Report Report
  • Approval of payment of bills totaling $282,820.26

The complete notes are embedded below or you can download the PDF file here. Not all items on the agenda are covered in these notes. View the meeting video archive. Also see the (UNOFFICIAL) 2021 Voting Record of Newtown Supervisors, which is updated frequently.

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