John Mack - Newtown Supervisor
EAC Member Jan Filios Supports "Weed" Amendment

At the October 27, 2021, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) public meeting, there was a lively debate regarding the proposed amendment to the township's Vegetation (i.e., "Weed") Ordinance.

The amendment was recommended to the BOS the SALDO Ad Hoc Group, which included members of the Newtown Township Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), Planning Commission, and Parks and Recreation Board.

EAC member Jan Filios spoke about the need for updating the ordinance and gave her thoughts regarding the penalties.

“Of special note, in Appendix A, the list of Noxious Weeds, is the inclusion of Japanese Barberry as a prohibited plant,” said Filios. The EAC considers the addition of Japanese Barberry to be a significant addition because of its association with Lyme disease vectors.

Figure: Japanese barberry is taking over areas of
Pennsylvania’s forests and woodlands.]

The EAC also welcomed the inclusion of Industrial Hemp to the Township Code as a sustainable, environmentally friendly, economically beneficial agricultural crop, as determined and regulated by the State Department of Agriculture since 2019.

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