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Friends of Roberts Ridge Park Information Party

At the May 8, 2019, Newtown Township Board of Supervisors public meeting, several residents and watershed experts spoke out against the establishment of a "meadow" in Roberts Ridge Park as part of the township's Pollution Reduction Plan. Several objections were raised.

Residents DO NOT want to "dump" the meadow conversion plan, which is the essence of the PRP (read more about that here). Almost all the comments by residents addressed the plan as it applies specifically to Roberts Ridge Park, which is a 22.8 acre park located at Frost Lane and Lower Dolington Road.

Roberts Ridge Park is a unique COMMUNITY park surrounded by densely populated housing developments. Residents in the area use the open space in the park every day - especially the large area that was ORIGINALLY converted to a meadow WITHOUT any input from local residents. The Township claimed it was only converting "under utilized" park areas to meadows. The residents disputed that claim with regard to Roberts Ridge Park.

As a result of resident input the meadow plan was ALTERED for Roberts Ridge Park as shown in the aerial view below.

Yellow: Original Meadow Plan * Red: Revised Meadow Plan

With input from residents, the Township now has a better plan for Roberts Ridge Park and offers of help from environmentalists. For example, Elen Snyder – a resident of the Windermere development across the street form the park – has formed Friends of Roberts Ridge Park whose goal is “to bring to our community a plan to utilize Roberts Ridge Park to reduce pollution as the township intends using methods that includes planting many different native trees,” says Ms. Snyder.

An Information Party Planned for July 21, 2019

The Neshaminy Creek Watershed Association is on board to help achieve this goal. Ms. Snyder has already gotten commitments of support from dozens of people in her community and wants to bring her idea to other residents, including the residents of the Country Bend community. To do that, there will be an “Information Party” on July 21, 2019, at 2-4 PM at 281 Stanford Place.

At the party, you can meet Elen Snyder, Joyce Ely, other environmentalists, and your neighbors to learn more about the Newtown Pollution Reduction plan, its impact on Roberts Ridge Park, and how the Friends of Roberts Ridge Park plan to achieve its goal. Refreshments and John Mack’s famous lasagna will be available. Feel free to bring something to share as well!


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If you cannot make the party, please contact Elen Snyder via email: or by phone: 215-776-0482

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