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What Issues Are Important to Newtown Voters This Election Year?

This year, two Newtown Board of Supervisor (BOS) seats are up for election: One six-year seat currently occupied by Republican Kyle Davis and one two-year seat currently occupied by Democrat David Oxley. What are the issues that will shape the campaign to fill these seats? 

Respondents to my "Issues of Importance to Newtown Township Residents" survey rate the importance of several issues impacting the quality of life in Newtown Township such water quality, school safety, open space, overdevelopment, taxes, traffic, etc.

I have been hosting this survey for over 4 years and keeping track of how the ratings vary from year to year. A lot has happened during that time and no doubt some issues have become more important this past year. And those issues will likely influence who wins the coveted BOS seats. So let me know what you think.

Which issues are most important to you this election year?
Should NTPD Collect Racial/Ethnic Data During ALL Traffic Stops?

The PA State Police will resume the collection racial, ethnic, and other data during traffic stops. State Police will collect data for 30 fields, including driver and passenger ages, gender, race and ethnicity, as well the length of the stop, any searches and search results. Read more about this here.

“PA Troopers take an oath to enforce the law without any consideration of class, color, creed or condition, and this data collection effort is one way to show the public we are upholding that oath,” Col. Robert Evanchick said in a statement.

Currently, the Newtown Police Department (NTPD) does not collect such information at all traffic stops unless it results in an arrest. 

This survey asks your opinion of requiring the NTPD to begin collecting such data at ALL traffic stops whether or not an arrest is involved. No identifying information is collected via this survey unless you opt-in to provide such information for purposes of follow-up by subscribing to John Mack's email newsletter. After completing the survey, you will be able to see a de-identified summary of the results to date.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Newtown Township Survey. It’s purpose was solely to inform John Mack, a Newtown Supervisor, of residents' opinions.

Should Newtown Police Department Hire Officers of Color?

At the January 13, 2021, Newtown Board of Supervisors meeting township resident Frank McCarron made a case for increased diversity in the Newtown Police Department (NTPD). Currently, all 29 or so NTPD police officers are white. Mr. McCarron suggested that all 3 officers that are planned to be hired in 2021 be officers of color.

The following audio clip from the Zoom meeting includes his comments and Chief John Hearn's response when asked by Supervisor David Oxley to respond.

Mack's Newtown Voice · Resident Challenges NTPD Chief Hearn to Hire Officers of Color

Mr. McCarron suggested that the racial profile of the NTPD should match that of the township population, which is mostly white.

However, another argument could be made that the NTPD racial profile match that of the targets of the majority of NTPD's actions: Traffic violations. The NTPD make many traffic stops on major roads - Newtown Bypass, Swamp Rd, and Stoopville Rd - that have a lot of non-resident traffic. We don't know the racial profile of that group because that information is not collected by NTPD.

This survey asks your opinion of increasing diversity in the NTPD. Please take a 5-minute survey to tell me.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Newtown Township Survey. It’s purpose was solely to inform John Mack, a Newtown Supervisor, of residents' opinions.

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