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The following is a short list of the most recent audio podcasts that highlight discussions with lawmakers, township residents, and comments made before the Board of Supervisors Definition at public meetings. You can access ALL my podcasts or subscribe to John Mack's Podcast Series on the iTunes Store (here), on SoundCloud (here) or via the playlist on this website (here).

Kris Ballerini: An Interesting Upper Makefield Supervisor

In this episode, John Mack interviews Kris Ballerini who joined the Upper Makefield Board of Supervisors on January 1, 2018. Kris has an interesting background as an advocate for victims of sexual assault and as an on-camera and voice-over actor, which she says helped prepare her for local politics. Listen to the podcast here.

Jen Dix On Corruption and Political Favoritism

In this episode, we hear former Newtown Supervisor Definition Jen Dix allege that there has been decades of “self-serving leadership” and “corruption” in Newtown. She made her comments at the June 27, 2018, meeting of the Board of Supervisors, which approved her resignation effective June 30, 2018. Listen to the podcast here.

Wawa in Context of Newtown's Comprehensive Plan

In this podcast, Michael Horbal, a resident of Newtown, comments about the proposed Wawa convenience store and gas station at the southwestern corner of Newtown Bypass and Lower Silver Lake Road. Mr. Horbal is concerned that if proposed changes of this nature were considered, developers would start contacting landowners with similar types of properties to see if there was an opportunity to turn their property into a project. Mr. Horbal's concerns suggest that proposed plans for a Super Wawa on Newtown Bypass must be considered in context of Newtown's Comprehensive Plan Definition for the future to assure that it is consistent with the goals of that plan. Listen to the podcast here.

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