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The following is a short list of the most recent audio podcasts that highlight discussions with lawmakers, township residents, and comments made before the Board of Supervisors Definition at public meetings. You can access ALL my podcasts or subscribe to John Mack's Podcast Series on the iTunes Store (here), on SoundCloud (here) or via the playlist on this website (here).

Kevin Antoine Speaks on Equality Act

On March 11, 2021, I hosted a Zoom to commemorate the passage of Newtown Township's LOVE is LOVE Resolution. Kevin Antoine, who is the Chief Diversity Equity Inclusion Officer at Bucks County Community College and the Chair of Newtown Township’s Human Relations Commission, attended and spoke at that meeting.

In this 10-minute audio clip from the meeting, Mr. Antoine talks about the Equality Act that was recently passed by the U S House of Representatives. He explains why this Act is necessary to amend all previous federal civil rights laws. The Act is monumental because, if passed by the Senate, the rights of LGBTQ citizens would be protected by these laws, which currently do not offer such protection


Mack's Newtown Voice · Kevin Antoine Speaks About the Equality Act

Residents Speak Out Against Arcadia Decision

Many angry residents attended the February 24, 2021, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting to oppose a settlement with the Arcadia developer to build 60 homes at Buck Road and the Bypass.

None perhaps were more angry than Eric Scott Gold, a resident of Eagle Ridge whose lawyer advised the HOA to settle its case against Arcadia (see his statement below). In this short audio clip, Mr. Gold lashes out against me (John Mack) for voting in favor of the settlement. Mr. Sander objected to his language and Chairman Phil Calabro had to calm everyone down.

Mack's Newtown Voice · Residents Lash Out at Supervisor Mack & Solicitor Dave Sander at Arcadia Meeting

Resident Challenges NTPD Chief to Hire Officers of Color

Newtown Township resident Frank McCarron made a case for increased diversity among Newtown Township's police officers. Currently, all 29 or so officers are white. Mr. McCarron suggested that all 3 officers that are planned to be hired in 2021 be officers of color.

The following audio clip from the January 13, 2021, Newtown Board of Supervisors meeting includes his comments and Chief John Hearn's response when asked by Supervisor David Oxley to respond.

Mack's Newtown Voice · Resident Challenges NTPD Chief Hearn to Hire Officers of Color

Efforts to Cut Expenses in the 2021 Newtown Budget

After voting to adopt the 2021 budget at the December 22, 2020, Board of Supervisors meeting, several residents wanted to hear why I voted to approve the 2021 budget that included added expenses and a tax increase. I decided to host a Meet Mack Monday Zoom meeting on January 11, 2021, to answer that question. The following is an audio segment from that meeting where I summarized my personal efforts to cut expenses in the 2021 budget and thereby reduce as much as possible the township real estate tax increase. Find a more detailed timeline here.

Mack's Newtown Voice · My Efforts to Cut Expenses in the 2021 Newtown Budget

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