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Newtown Area JZC Members Discuss Trails

The Newtown Area Jointure, which comprises Newtown, Wrightstown, and Upper Makefield Townships, is currently updating the 2009 Newtown Area Comprehensive Plan. One chapter of that plan focuses on transportation.

This 17-minute audio podcast includes a portion of a presentation made before the November 5, 2020 meeting of the Joint Zoning Council by Jeremy W. Stoff, a Bucks County Planning Commission (BCPC) Planner. This audio clip from that presentation focuses on the discussion of trails.

Speakers (in order of speaking): Jeremy Stoff (BCPC),Thomas Cino (Upper Makefield), Mary Eberle (JZC Solicitor), John Mack (Newtown), Chester Pogonowski (Wrightstown), Lisa Wolff (BCPC), Tim Thomas (Upper Makefield.)

Mack's Newtown Voice · Newtown Area JZC Members Discuss Trails

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