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Newtown Township Finance Committee Meetings

This page documents the agenda of upcoming and summaries of past Newtown Finance Committee meetings. This Committee usually meets every second Tuesday. It has a dual emphasis on budget analysis and revenue generating opportunities. The following are the specific duties of the Finance Committee:

  • Budget Analysis
  • Revenue Generation
  • Business Development

The intention is for the Finance Committee to provide a larger picture and be synchronized with the Economic Development Committee to provide an overall financial picture for the Newtown Board of Supervisors.

Not all attendees are visible in this composite meeting screen shot. You can view the entire video of the Zoom meeting on the Newtown Township website here.

Upcoming Meeting

The next meeting of the Finance Committee will be on October 13, 2020.

See Events Calendar for agenda & meeting attendance details.

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Minutes of Recent Past Meetings


5-Year Budget Plan Update

On the agenda of the June 9, 2020, meeting was an Update on the ECONSULT Project (read "Newtown Township To Develop a 5-Year Financial Plan" for background) and the Newtown Township Business Reopening Initiative, which was the main topic of discussion. Below is the summary of the meeting presented by NTFC Chair George Skladany to to Board of Supervisors at its June 10, 2020, Zoom meeting. 

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