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Planning Commission Reviews Old Navy/Chick-fil-A Proposal

At the 21 January 2020, Newtown Township Planning Commission (PC) meeting, Newtown/Bucks Associates, LP, West Road (Newtown Shopping Center), presented their case for supporting zoning variances needed for a new 12,500-square-foot Old Navy and a 400-square-foot addition to the kitchen of Chick-fil-A and adding a new right-turn only lane to West Road that would improve traffic flow by allowing traffic around cars waiting to turn into Chick-fil-A. Listen to snippets from the presentation:

At the subsequent January 22, 2020, Board of Supervisors meeting, the PC indicated it supports the application for relief, which is decided by the Newtown Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB). The ZHB will hear this case at its February 6, 2020, public hearing, which begins at 7 PM at 100 Municipal Drive, Newtown. The Board of Supervisors did not vote to send our solicitor to this meeting to oppose it.

[Note: So far, the Board is opposing 12 variances to allow Wawa on the Bypass (also to be decided at the Feb. 6 ZHB meeting) and townhouses on Durham Rd (special ZHB hearing scheduled on 1/30/20).]

What's Your Opinion?

To gauge the opinion of Newtown Area residents, I created a survey that asks your opinion of the application. Please take this short survey to let me know if you would be in favor of this project or have comments that you wish to share with me. Your comments are especially valuable. No identifying information is collected via this survey unless you opt-in to provide such information for purposes of follow-up by subscribing to John Mack's email newsletter.

Old Navy/Chick-fil-A Proposal Questionnaire
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