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The following are selected official meetings of Newtown Township Boards and Committees. Some meetings may have only partial agendas or information about what may be discussed. When possible, I include links to important documents and background information. Come back often as this page is frequently updated with new information.

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See below for summaries of recent past meetings.

NOTE: According to Pennsylvania's Sunshine Act (Open Meetings Law), residents are permitted to make comments and ask questions at official township public meetings as well to record such meetings without announcing it beforehand. Know the #Sunshine Law.

List of Upcoming Meetings

Mack's Guide to the Newtown Township Website. Lesson 1: Downloading Meeting Agendas

Selected Recent Past Meetings

18 January 2022 Planning Commission

This is the type of installation 
that should be opposed.

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12 January 2022 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Supervisors Approve Pedestrian Safety Measures

At the January 12, 2022, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) public meeting, several pedestrian safety measures for N Sycamore St recommended by the township traffic engineers were approved for immediate implementation. In addition, the engineers and township were instructed to move ahead to explore other measures. This was in response to many recent incidents including a fatal auto/pedestrian crash, which occurred in the 200 block of N. Sycamore Street on December 22, 2021 (read "Dangerous Crossing"). View the video of the discussion including resident comments below.

Prior to the meeting, I submitted to the BOS the Improve Pedestrian Safety on N Sycamore St Petition signed by 850 people from around the world – and at least 570 from the Newtown area.

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10 January 2022 Meet Mack Monday Meeting

N Sycamore St Driver and Pedestrian Safety

On December 22, 2021, at approximately 11:04 pm, a male was struck and killed while attempting to cross N. Sycamore Street at Silo Dr. in Newtown.

This was the second recent serious pedestrian accident in that location. At the November 10, 2021, Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, Police Chief Hearn gave some details regarding an October 22, 2021, serious accident involving a pedestrian.

Recent Significant Pedestrian Incidents reported by police (does not include car-only incidents):

  • 12-22-21 Sycamore Street & Silo Dr, Auto/Ped (In Crosswalk) - Fatal
  • 12-16-21 Durham & Sycamore Street Auto/Ped (In Crosswalk) - minor injuries
  • 10-22-21 Sycamore & Jefferson, Auto/Ped (Mid-block) – critical injuries
  • 09-21-20 Sycamore & Jefferson, Auto/Ped (In Crosswalk) – minor injuries
  • 05-04-19 Sycamore & Jefferson, Auto/Ped (Mid-block) - Fatal

See my notes from this meeting for a history of discussions regarding pedestrian safety on N Sycamore St from 2019 tthrough December 27, 2021, when  started my “Improve Pedestrian Safety on N Sycamore St” petition on Over 850 people from around the world – and at least 570 from the Newtown area – have signed that petition. Nearly 50 people added comments explaining why they signed the petition and made recommendations for improving pedestrian safety.

Some Recommendations

  1. Reduction of speed to 25 mph from Durham Road to the Bypass.
  2. Lower the speed limit on 532 (Washington Crossing Road) north of the borough (up to Linton Hill Rd) from 45 to 35 mph. This would require PennDOT approval.
  3. Purchase 15-25 Yield to Pedestrian signs (mid-road placement) along Sycamore Street ($7500-$12,500) at several locations. As mentioned above, the Chief was successful in obtaining $7,500 from the Green Parrot to buy these signs.
  4. Change lighting along Sycamore Street to a more-brighter “white” lights. This was suggested by several residents. The township should consider upgrading ALL street lights to LED in order to improve safety AND save energy costs.
  5. Installation of a four-way stop sign at Silo and Sycamore Street, or install a traffic signal at Sycamore & Silo.
  6. Increase the visibility of crosswalks (read "Crosswalk Visibility Study")

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4 January 2022 Planning Commission Meeting

Agenda Items:

  • Arcadia Highway Occupancy Permit Application Discussion

On October 29, 2021, PennDOT returned Arcadia's Highway Occupancy Permit Application No. 148702 for revisions (read the letter). Access the 2nd Arcadia HOP Application.

The application involves the U-turn at Mill Pond Road. The Newtown Township Planning Commission (NTPC) has had an opportunity to comment on the "project," but perhaps not regarding the specific "project" that this HOP application refers to or within the past year. The BOS can authorize the NTPC to review the application at a PUBLIC meeting and provide a recommendation to the BOS. 

Listen to the Discussion

Mack's Newtown Voice · January 4, 2022 PC Arcadia HOP Discussion

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3 January 2022 BOS Reorganization Meeting

Meet the 2022 Board of Supervisors

Two members - Kyle Davis and Elen Snyder - were sworn in at the January 3, 2022, Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) Reorganization meeting: Mr. Davis for a 4-year term and Ms. Snyder for a 2-year term (she replaced David Oxley who was appointed by the BOS).

Dennis Fisher was elected Chair and John Mack was elected Vice Chair. Elen Synder was elected Assistant Secretary/Treasurer (the Townsship Manager is the Secretary & Treasurer).

You can contact the supervisors via email.

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Meet Mack Monday, 22 November 2021

Fifteen Newtown Township residents attended this meeting* that I hosted on November 22, 2021. The meeting summary includes audio snippets of several discussions and links to important information.

Discussions focused on:

For a summary of the discussions - including audio snippets - see "22 November 2021 Meet Mack Monday Meeting Summary."

*DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Newtown Township meeting. It is hosted by Newtown Supervisor John Mack to learn more about issues of concern to Newtown Township residents and to share information. The opinions expressed at Meet Mack Monday events are solely those of John Mack and the attendees of the meeting

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