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Summary of February 28, 2018 BOS Meeting

Summary of February 28, 2018 BOS Meeting

You May not have the time to download and read the entire minutes from the biweekly meetings of the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS), or the approved minutes may not yet be available on the Township website (here), so I created this summary from the February 28, 2018, meeting. I also included some links to related information including video clips from meetings. I'll do the same for future meetings.


At the previous Board of Supervisor meeting, the Board approved the conditional use application of Nina’s Waffles and Ice Cream, 2905 S. Eagle Road, with conditions. The Board is requested to approve the conditions. Mrs. Dix moved to approve the conditions. Ms. Bobrin seconded and the motion was passed 5-0.

Pickering Manor: Proposed is an 18,000+ sq. ft. addition to the main property, expanding parking area, and underground water seepage bed. The applicant will comply with the Township engineer review letter issues, however, waivers were reviewed at the Planning Commission meeting. Concerns of the residents were storm water runoff, truck deliveries, and overall operating noise and traffic. It was recommended that the times for food supply deliveries be made in a smaller truck and be moved to a more appropriate time. The executive director of Pickering Manor urged neighbors to contact her to discuss any issues they may have.

Villas of Newtown: Authorization is sought to sign the Release of Claims regarding the unauthorized removal of a birch tree by the developer of The Villas at Newtown. Mrs. Dix made a motion to approve. Ms. Bobrin seconded, and the motion passed 5-0. Read "McGrath, Developer of Villa at Newtown, To Pay Newtown Twp $25K For Surreptitiously and Illegally Cutting Down Valuable Beech Tree".

Public Safety

Police Dept Reorganization: Authorization is sought to advertise an Ordinance amending the Newtown Administrative Code of 2000, as amended, to provide for two Lieutenants within the Newtown Police Department. No new personnel are proposed. Mrs. Dix made a motion to approve. Ms. Bobrin seconded, and the motion passed 5-0.

Active Shooter Plan: Mr. Ferguson reported on the Township’s emergency operation plan for facilities. The first training of staff was directed by Sgt. Lupinetti and a second training session is being planned. Mr. Ferguson stated that plans are being developed for off-hours when training classes and Township meetings are being held.

Parks and Recreation: Mr. Calabro requested the Solicitor to review the ordinance regarding people to carry weapons in the Township parks; it was mandated by the State legislature. He believes the Townships can reverse this. Mr. Calabro went on to state that the Township has seven schools and a few colleges. It is the intent of the Township to keep everyone safe, and not intending to impinge of the Second Amendment, but to ban anyone carrying a concealed weapon in the parks. Ms. Geiser will research if it can be done.


Irish Festival: Cherie Peters of Newtown Borough asked if the Board had made a decision regarding the length of the Irish Festival. Mr. Calabro stated that a 2-day permit would be issued for the outdoor festivities with the setup of tents on Thursday and take down on Sunday. There will be a 5K run on Saturday morning; participants will park at Veterans Park and a shuttle will provide transportation to the event. View video: "Green Parrot Irish Festival 2018 Pro and Con Debate"

Parks and Recreation

Trails: Mr. Lewis reported on the DCNR application. Two more grants became available and it will be decided what is the best way for the Township to go. These grants will be for the Lower Dolington Trail. The two new grants are from the Department of Economic Development.

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