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Don't Just Bitch About Traffic. Do Something! Volunteer to Help Make Improvements.

Are you concerned about traffic and the impact it has on you and your neighbors? Now is your chance to have a say in how traffic affects your community.

The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors is currently accepting resumes for consideration for the Newtown Township Traffic Impact Fee Advisory Committee (TIFAC). Resumes will be accepted until 12:00 noon on Friday, May 11, 2018.

An example of the impact on traffic affecting neighborhoods was the proposed Arcadia Green development, which would have destroyed a home on High Street in the Newtown Crossing neighborhood to make way for an egress road (read “Newtown Crossing vs Arcadia: Truth to Power!”). Traffic would then pass through other roads in the Newtown Crossing to access Newtown Bypass – a limited access road. Several people from Newtown Crossing complained about the resulting traffic through their development via the egress road, which would endanger children and pets who are used to play and roam on quiet streets such as High Street.

The TIFAC assists with developing studies required for the adoption of the Ordinance regulating traffic impact fees, and provides recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for approval or disapproval of reports at various stages of the process, in accordance with Pennsylvania Act 209 and the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.

The TIFAC will coordinate with professional traffic engineers and will be primarily focused on assessing existing traffic conditions throughout the Township, developing recommendations for potential traffic improvements - such as location of additional traffic signals, and developing impact fees for future development based on potential traffic improvements.

All applications will be considered, however, professionals with backgrounds in Real Estate, Development, and building industry that reside or conduct business in Newtown Township are strongly urged to apply. 

Please submit a letter of interest and resume to Olivia Kivenko, Newtown Township, 100 Municipal Drive, Newtown, PA 18940, by email to, or by fax at (215) 968-5368.

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Frost Lane Traffic Study

Recently, a resident of Frost Lane complained to the Township about speeding traffic on her street. As you may know, Goodnoe School is located on Frost Lane, which the resident dubbed “Frost Freeway.” It’s a 25 mph zone and during certain school hours the speed limit is 15 mph. So any speeding on that street is a concern.

When I made an inquiry regarding this issue, Kurt Ferguson, the Township Manager informed me: "Typically these traffic issues are investigated by our staff.  We have the ability to measure traffic speed, total cars, as well as looking as site lines, etc. Typically this would be assigned to staff to investigate and to report results to the board."

Within a few days, the Police Department performed a “stealth stat” survey of the traffic flow on Frost Lane. Mr. Ferguson described how this is done at the March 14, 2018, Board of Supervisors meeting:

Some of the results are summarized in the following charts:

Here are some more details:

  • On the Thursday-Friday survey period, 102 of 851 cars (12%) were going more 10 mph over the speed limit when the posted speed limit was 25 mph.

  • On the Friday-Saturday survey period, 914 of 3,096 cars (29.5%) were going more 10 mph over the speed limit. Most of those cars were surveyed on when the posted speed limit was 25 mph.

  • The school zone area was done on a Thursday and Friday. There were a total of 2,643 cars with 1,070 of those cars going over 10 mph over the posted speed limit of 15 mph.  That's obviously a concerning number.

Mr. Ferguson said the Township will do speed enforcement on selected Saturdays and during the 15 mph school zone speed limit as well.

UPDATE (June 6, 2018): According to Mr. Ferguson in the full report (here), "The two (2) signs most in need of replacement are the School "Speed Limit when Flashing" signs. Those signs are the responsibility of the school. I spoke with Doug Taylor from the school district. Council Rock is planning to update these signs throughout the Township. I would anticipate that these will be upgraded by summer."

Yesterday, I noticed that these signs have been replaced as shown in the photos below.


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