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PennDOT to Lower Speed Limit on Section of Swamp Road

PennDOT to Lower Speed Limit on Section of Swamp Road

In a May 2, 2019, letter, Ashwin Patel, Senior Manager of PennDOT's Traffic Engineering and Safety Division, notified Newtown Township that PennDOT will be lowering the speed limit on Swamp Road between the Twining Bridge intersection and the intersection of Pennswood Dr. (entrance to Knob Hill) to 40 MPH from 45 MPH (see map below).

Recall that at the September 12, 2018, BOS public meeting representatives of PennDOT District 6 answered questions and concerns about Swamp Road from Newtown residents and Supervisors. At that meeting PennDOT Mr. Patel answered questions about lowering the speed limit on sections of Swamp Road (see video below).

85% of vehicles approaching the intersection were already traveling at 39 MPH.

PennDOT, however, determined that an all-way stop is not warranted at the intersection, noting that several improvements were made to signage, curvature of the road, and the overall visibility of the intersection last year at the request of the Township.

To implement an all-way stop control, appropriate engineering parameters are evaluated which included an analysis of "reportable" crash reports (specifically angle crashes) occurring at the intersection , an on-site review where roadway alignments and sight distances are observed, and traffic volumes. Based on all engineering parameters reviewed , the Department cannot justify the installation of STOP signs on Swamp Road.

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