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Summary of May 23, 2018 BOS Public Meeting

Summary of May 23, 2018 BOS Public Meeting

You may not have the time to download and read the entire minutes from meetings of the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors (BOS), or the approved minutes may not yet be available on the Township website (here), so I created this summary from the May 23, 2018,  public meeting. I also included some links to related information including video clips from meetings. I'll do the same for future meetings. This is not a complete list of items discussed.


First National Bank & Trust Co: Planning Commission Chairman Allen Fidler reported that applicant requesting to extend the time for filing land development plans. First National had internal issues and didn't file the plan in time. The question is when the six month period starts. The Board has the power to extend the time, according to Mr. Fidler.

Pickering Manor: Joe Blackburn, Esq., represented Pickering Manor with respect to its pending land development located on 226 North Lincoln Avenue. Based upon their non-profit status, Mr. Blackburn made a request that the Board consider a reduction in the Parks & Recreation fee-in-lieu amount. It was agreed that the fee-in-lieu amount would be half the amount of $46,570.87. An actual amount would be determined at a later time. Applicant will also pay a traffic impact fee in the amount of $7,020.00. Mr. Calabro put the motion to a vote and the motion carried 3-1 (Mrs. Dix voted "nay").

Villas of Newtown: Certificate of Completion #1- CKS Engineers recommends that the Certificate be approved by the Board in the amount of $51,950.00. The amount of the remaining escrow is $78,119.00. the motion carried 3-1 (Mrs. Dix voted "nay").

Wawa on Bypass: Public comment: Michael Horbal, Newtown, wanted the Board to consider voting against a change on that parcel that would accommodate whatever retail use is proposed. Based on the 2009 Comprehensive Plan, he suggested the Township should look at all potential parcels that could be developed for retail on parcels similar to the proposed Wawa location. He's concerned that a subsequent land owner may request a change to the zoning of their parcel so that it could be developed for a fast food franchise.

[Read "The BrouHaha Over Proposed Wawa".]

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Underground Storage Tanks: There was a bid opening for the underground storage tank project on May 1, 2018. There were no discrepancies in the lowest bid submitted by Brightsfield Inc. The base bid was $47,422.75. Mr. Calabro put the motion to a vote and the motion carried 4-0.

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Public Safety

Gun Safety Resolution: Ms. Bobrin received a gun resolution that has been enacted by Solebury Township and is being considered by Yardley Borough. Using the resolution as a guide, she drafted one for Newtown Township to consider. Approving the resolution would support legislators in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. who are working for gun reform.

Police Chief Search: Mrs. Dix made a motion to hire Safe City Solutions to conduct a police chief search at a cost not to exceed $14,150.00. Ms. Bobrin seconded. The motion carried 4-0.

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