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Glossary of Municipal Terms

Glossary of Municipal Terms

MS4, PRD, LST, EIT, SALDO, Liquid Fuels Program, Impervious Surface, Sketch Plan, Conditional Use, Spot-Zoning, etc. These are just some of the acronyms and terms a Newtown Township Supervisor Definition has to learn to do his or her job.

Perhaps more importantly, township residents must understand these terms if they are expected to participate in local government.

To that end, I have put together a Glossary of Municipal Terms on my website (here), which is available from every page on the site (see the big blue button in the righthand column).

This is my personal glossary of terms that I believe are relevant to Newtown residents. Hopefully, it will help residents when they read the minutes of meetings or watch Board of Supervisors (aka BOS Definition) meetings on Cable TV.

This Glossary is more than a simple list of terms and definitions. It also includes links to related information and resources on this and other websites such as news summaries, blog posts, videos, podcasts, newsletter articles, etc. Therefore, it can also be used as an index to information on this site.

Whenever you see this button Definition on a page you will be able to access the definition of the term, acronym, or phrase immediately preceding it. 

I will continually add many new terms to the Glossary to make this a truly valuable resource. If you have any terms you'd like to see added to this Glossary, contact we via email:

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