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The Top Ten “Curated” Local News Stories in 2018

The Top Ten “Curated” Local News Stories in 2018

The following are the TOP TEN viewed local news stories in 2018 in rank order. These stories were “Scooped” (i.e., curated*) by John Mack as being of interest to Newtown residents. See all curated news here.

  1. 5 Doctors Are Charged With Taking Kickbacks for Fentanyl Prescriptions - Lock 'em Up!

  2. Doors Blocked With Tables To Stop Council Rock North Walkout, Students Say

  3. Bucks County Initiates Smart911 with RapidSOS to Quickly Serve Callers

  4. Arcadia Green Sues Newtown Township

  5. Craft Beer Brewery, Food Trucks and Fun Coming to Newtown Commons This Summer

  6. EWG Report: Perfluorinated Pollutant (PFAS) Contamination of Water Spreading

  7. In God We Trust. Lower Southampton Supervisors Not So Much!

  8. Opioids Not Better Than Acetaminophen at Reducing Pain to Improve Function for Chronic Back, Knee and Hip Pain

  9. How Much Does a Family of Four Need To Earn To Live Comfortably In Bucks County?

  10. Falls Wawa Developer Wins Case Brought by Local Service Station But “SLAPPs” a Lawsuit Against Residents Who Spoke Up at Public Meeting

* A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on specific issues online. I curate stories published in local and national media that I believe are of special interest to Newtown residents. Many of these stories relate to issues discussed or acted upon by Newtown Township Supervisors.

I use the Scoop.It platform to capture and organize these stories (news articles) online. Each curated story is called a “Scoop,” which is a shortened version of the article. Within the Scoop is a link to the original, long version of the article plus links to related articles, blog posts, etc. Some Scoops include my personal insight.

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