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Letter & Petition to Council Rock School District

Letter & Petition to Council Rock School District

A letter and petition written by two former Council Rock School District (CRSD) students was sent on July 15, 2020 to the Council Rock School Board, the Superintendent of Schools, and various school principals.

[See the letter embedded at the end of this post.]

The letter urges the Council Rock School District (CRSD) to "do better and actively prepare their students to become upstanding citizens who will fight for progressive change." CRSD, claim the authors of the letter, falls short of its very own mission statement: “Council Rock School District, in partnership with its community, empowers all students with the knowledge, habits, and attitudes to become life-long learners and to lead and serve in a diverse global society.”

"We know that by now you are well aware of the protests occurring throughout the country in response to the ongoing police brutality and systemic racism that have been woven into the fabric of the United States since the first enslaved peoples arrived here in 1619," state the authors..

The letter notes that "on social media, many of our classmates have spoken against the Black Lives Matter movement and refuse to acknowledge systemic racism," which indicates a need for CRSD to "actively prepare their students to become upstanding citizens who will fight for progressive change."

Action Steps

The letter lists several "action steps" that CRSD should follow to achieve that goal, including:

  • Ban all Confederate flags on campus
  • Change the name of Council Rock North’s mascot to something inoffensive
  • Add more Black/indigenous/LGBTQ history to the curriculum for American history courses
  • Make an active effort to hire and train a more diverse, non-white teaching staff
  • Allow students to create Black and POC student unions

Creating a K-12 curriculum to combat racism was on of the pledges I took as a paricipant in the June 4, 2020, "Enough is Enough" vigil at the Garden of Reflection hosted by NAACP Bucks and the Peace Center.

Read the Letter, Sign the Petition

See the letter embedded below (or download the pdf file) and sign the petition here.

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