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Newtown Township Park Restrooms To Be Re-Opened

Newtown Township Park Restrooms To Be Re-Opened

Closed restroom in Roberts Ridge Park
with porta potty.

The restrooms in Newtown Township parks, including: 

  1. Chandler Fields
  2. Veteran's Park
  3. Robert's Ridge Park
  4. Helen Randle Park

have been closed since the spring of 2020. This was due to the risk of contamination from COVID-19 and lack of staffing to thoroughly clean them. Porta potties were installed starting in September 2020 due to complaints from residents about lack of toilet facilities in the parks (see story below). Good news! At the May 26, 2021, Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisors approved a contract with BCS Facilities Group in the amount of $1,213.00/month for service of restrooms. Each restroom will be clened two times per week - at the beginning of the week and at the end before the weekend.

Note from Megan Prusienski, Parks & Recreation Director: As of today, May 18th, the restroom facilities in our park system remain closed. Seasonal bathroom maintenance is usually taken care of by temporary workers and after speaking with Public Works and advertising in various places, there have been zero applications for this position*. The department has received numerous complaints from residents, pavilion renters, league organizers and parents. The Porta Potties that have been issued (one per park) are not adequate, have been vandalized numerous times, and are not maintained more than once per week. After contacting the company, they are unfortunately unable to come out multiple times per week to clean. As a result, these Porta Potties have become unsightly and unsanitary.

According to a May 25, 2021, personal communication from Mr. Lewis, “we have 2 part time employees, with an anticipated 2 more starting soon. Mr. Lewis stated “This contract … could be amended, or terminated should we begin to hire seasonal employees.” However, more seasonal employees are needed.

Want to help #NewtownPA save money by cleaning park restrooms part-time this summer? $15 per hour! Other neat chores as well like mulching, mowing! Apply here.

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