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In Observance of International Overdose Day

In Observance of International Overdose Day

Last night I attended the “Night to Remember” ceremony hosted by Steps to Recovery on Veterans Highway in Levittown, PA. Tony Luke Jr., of Philly cheesesteak fame, was the main speaker. He lost his son to heroin overdose in March and started the #BrownandWhite initiative to help end the Stigma and shame associated with addiction. You can see his presentation on my FaceBook page here.

I met Tony Luke and suggested that he visit Newtown soon.

After his speech, Tony led a ceremony where attendees wrote the names of their lost ones on river stones and placed them around a newly-planted tree to create a monument of remembrance.

Rembrance rocks!

Listen to Tony's PSA:

Posted on 31 Aug 2017, 12:47 - Category: Opioid Epidemic

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