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Report from the Together We Can Convention

Report from the Together We Can Convention

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, I spent several hours manning my table at the “Together We Can™” convention addressing drug addiction in Bucks County, which took place at the Newtown Athletic Club. I participated in order to learn about solutions and get feedback about the potential of medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids for pain.

John Mack surveys attendees of the Together We Can convention.

As you can see from the video at the end of this post, there were many – perhaps 100 -  “vendors” and organizations with tables at the convention. Tables were arranged into three sections: Engage, Embrace and Encourage. I was in the "Engage" section, which also included the Bensalem Police Department two tables away. They were promoting their Recovery Assistance Program, which they hope other municipalities will copy - even Newtown perhaps.

“Under the Bensalem Police Assisting in Recovery (BPAIR) program instituted in 2016,” reported the Bucks County Courier Times (read Volunteer 'navigators' needed for Bensalem recovery assistance program), “any Bensalem resident can show up at the department day or night, even if they are under the influence, and ask for help. A volunteer or ‘navigator’ then is called to respond and accompany the resident to Gaudenzia treatment center in Bristol Township for a treatment assessment.” I was told that a local taxi company offers free transportation for the navigator and resident.

Bensalem Police manning a table at the Together We Can convention.

The convention organizers also invited political candidates – including Brian Fitzpatrict and other Republican Party candidates – to speak to the audience. Not invited – as far as I know – were any Democratic Party Candidates although PA State Representative Perry Warren was there making the rounds and manning his own table.

Regardless, I don’t think the convention should be considered a “trick” designed to get Republican candidates more exposure. Anyone could attend, including more Democrat candidates even if they were not invited to speak. You could have learned a thing or two just by attending!!!

Truth be told, it was difficult to hear most speakers and the real action was the interaction with attendees and vendors on the floor, many of whom were recovering from addiction. I learned a lot by talking to these people - no one asked my political affiliation.

I spoke to several parents who lost their sons and daughters to overdosing or who endured great hardship helping their children get treatment to overcome addiction. I also got some great feedback on my survey regarding the role of medical marijuana in avoiding opioids for pain management and for help during recovery.



Here’s my 8-minute video tour of the convention:

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