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National Drug Take Back Day Was a Success

National Drug Take Back Day Was a Success

The recent DEA-sponsored National Drug Take Back Day - April 28, 2018 - was a great success. Newtown Township Police estimate that 104 lbs of unused, unwanted, or expired drugs were collected at the Newtown Township Administration building and 29 lbs from the Together We Can Convention for a total of 133 lbs! More than 16,705 lbs of drugs were dropped off in Bucks and Montgomery Counties:

More Drug Take Back Numbers

Meanwhile, you can still drop off your unused drugs at the Newtown Police Station any day of the week at any hour - even when the office is closed - thanks to Newtown's innovative 24/7 drug drop-off program, which I advocated for way back on August 9, 2017, before I was a Township Supervisor. Back then I called upon the Board of Supervisors to implement a 24/7 drug drop-off box at the Newtown Twp police station and to establish a "Drug-Free Newtown" committee of concerned citizens to advise the board about further initiatives to help curb the Opioid/drug abuse problem in Newtown and surrounding communities (see video below and my letter to the Bucks County Courier Times). 

I recall that during my campaign, the opposition put out a negative mailer claiming I wanted to take a police officer off the street to man a drug take-back box 24 hours a day! How cynical and unimaginative those critics were. I am happy that Henry Pasqualini - Newtown's Chief of Police - was passionate and creative enough to come up with a solution.

BTW, I spoke to the police officer "manning" the drop-off box located at the Together We Can convention and she told me that many people people are using the 24/7 option to drop off their drugs in Newtown, so that is a success as well!

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