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Got Potholes, Broken Street Light, Dead Deer on Road? Who You Gonna Call?

Got Potholes, Broken Street Light, Dead Deer on Road? Who You Gonna Call?

One item on the agenda of last night’s Technology Committee meeting concerned “Resident Reporting Methods.” One of the missions of this committee is to “improve communications between the Township and its residents” (find the mission statement here).

A committee member wondered if residents were aware of how to report a specific issue such as a pothole to the Township. “If you call the main number and you have to go through several cycles before reaching the pothole people,” he said, “that would not be good.”

Actually, there is a better way to communicate with the Township to report a specific concern. It’s an online form that residents can use (find it here). You need to enter your name, street address and email address, then select one of the following problems/concerns:

  • Pot Holes/Road Issues
  • Street Lights
  • Traffic Lights
  • Hit Deer/Animal
  • Wild Animal(s)
  • Business License
  • High or Overgrown Grass
  • Excessive Noise
  • Work Without Permit
  • Uncleared Sidewalks in Snow Conditions
  • Other

Depending on your choice, you will get further instructions and/or be asked for more information. For example, if you select “Wild Animal(s)”, you will be presented with a new form that asks for the location of the animal and type of animal. Finally, you’ll be asked to provide additional information, if necessary.

After completing the form, you get this reassuring message: "Your comments and concerns will be directed to the appropriate departments within the township. If necessary, a representative from the department will be sure to follow up with any questions they have based on your submission."

The website is responsive and adapts to a mobile format so it can be used on cell phones. But is there a better technology that can be used instead or in addition to this? How about a mobile app? What if the Township had a Twitter account and residents were able to send direct messages through Twitter to the township?

These are the sorts of questions that the Technology Committee is designed to answer should the Supervisors request it.

Posted on 30 May 2018, 10:15 - Category: Communication

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