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January 2019 Police Report: Crash on Swamp Road

January 2019 Police Report: Crash on Swamp Road

Interim Police Chief Jason Harris presented the Calls Report for January 2019 at the February 13, 2019, Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting. In January, the Newtown Police Department responded to 1,529 total calls, 264 (17%) of which were in Wrightstown Township (Newtown Police provides services to both Newtown Township and Wrightstown). See a summary of the report below. Note: Not all calls are listed.

Traffic Citations

There were 106 traffic citations in Newtown in January 2019. Sixty-one (58%) of those involved speeding, which is a perennial problem that residents are concerned about.

Chief Harris also reported more details of the crash that occurred on Swamp Road Jan. 27. He comended the response of Temple MedFlight, as well as local police, fire, and ambulance squads to help save the life of a young girl and reported that she was now conscious in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Struck Deer

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