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Who Makes the Best Pizza in the Newtown Area?

Who Makes the Best Pizza in the Newtown Area?

Like hoagies, pizza is really BIG in Newtown! There are many pizzerias in Newtown and soon to be more (read "MOD Pizza to be Opening In Newtown").

But which one makes the best pizza?

To answer that question, I started a poll on Nextdoor, which included the 10 pizzerias most mentioned by pizza afficionados: 

  • Acqua e Farina
  • Dolce Carini Pizzeria
  • Dominick's Pizzeria
  • Francesco's Pizzeria
  • Jules Thin Crust Pizza
  • Marco's Pizzeria
  • Meglio Pizzeria
  • Newtown Pizza
  • Tre Fratelli
  • Vince's Pizzeria

The chart below shows the results as of the date shown:

Of course, this is NOT a scientific survey and it doesn't get into why people voted for one or the other. Here is one comment I recieved from a respondent on Nextdoor:

The correct answer is none of the above. I’ve lived in Newtown since 2007 and have always had to travel outside of the township for a good pizza. We just really aren’t a pizza town 😂. Original Dominic’s in Trenton is only a short drive from Newtown and has pizza far better than any of the establishments listed here. Non Solo Pasta in Morrisville also has very good pizza.

My reply: There really is no correct answer. It's just a choice of "best" among the available pizzerias. IMHO, you cannot get better pizza anywhere in the U.S. than in NYC where I came from! Forgettaboutit!

What's MY favorite NEWTOWN pizzeria? Sorry, you're not going to get my opinion on that - I'm already in hot water because of my opinion regarding the best (Italian) hoagie in Newtown! [read "The Hoagies of Newtown vs. Wawa"]

The poll is still open should you care to vote (you have to be a member of Nextdoor to vote, sorry). I will update the chart if there are any significant changes.

About Nextdoor

Nextdoor is the world’s largest social network for the neighborhood. Nextdoor enables truly local conversations that empower neighbors to build stronger and safer communities. 

Nextdoor has been very useful to me for keeping in touch with residents, posting information about Newtown Township public meetings, public service announcements and issues of importance to residents.

Recently, for example, I posted information about the Township's Pollution Reduction Plan & its potential impact on our parks. As a result, local residents helped modify the plan and formed "Friends of Roberts Ridge Park", a group whose goal is to plant more trees in the Park. Learn more about that here.

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