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Newtown BINGO! We #SupportLocalBusiness

Newtown BINGO! We #SupportLocalBusiness

The COVID-19 pandemic mitigation efforts are having a devastating impact on Newtown area businesses including restaurants and retail shops that cannot “work from home” or do business online!

During this trying time, these establishments – many owned by local residents – need help generating business. That is why several Newtown area businesses decided to host a “contest” based on “Tempe Bingo” – a game designed to benefit local businesses: Newtown BINGO!

Here is the basic idea (details subject to change*):
  • 25 businesses will participate, each with a square on the BINGO GAME card.

  • Each business will promote the BINGO GAME on their website and link to the official virtual BINGO GAME card that residents/game players can download.

  • To play the game and achieve BINGO! players must order a meal or item of a minimum specific value (details TBD) from 5 businesses all in one row, column, or diagonal of the card. No player can claim more than one BINGO spot per day. Each player has two weeks to get BINGO!

  • There will be 3 winners will be chosen at random from among all who have achieved BINGO! Players must submit proof of purchases – e.g., printed receipts – to win.

  • Each winner is entitled to a free purchase of equal or lesser value based on the 5 purchases they made at businesses on the BINGO GAME card.

  • A GRAND PRIZE will be awarded for filling the entire BINGO GAME card.

There are NO out of pocket upfront costs to restaurant or player who participates in Newtown Area Restaurant BINGO! This contest will be hosted by East Coast Event Group.

Newtown BINGO! Launched on May 18, 2020

This is the official Newtown BINGO! game card for the period Monday, May 18, 2020, through Saturday, June 6, 2020. Download the card and begin playing now!

Official Game Card

Posted on 08 May 2020, 11:20 - Category: COVID-19

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